Remote Recertifications

Are you short on staff? NMA can help lessen the impact by handling your recertifications offsite, saving money for your agency while ensuring you’re still in compliance. It’s easy—the processing work simply happens in our offices instead of yours.

With your permission, we’ll access your software remotely, either receiving scanned participant and landlord documents or entry to the electronic document system. In our work with other housing authorities, we’ve also set up a local P.O. box for participants to send paperwork that’s then routed to an NMA mailbox.

Our NMA team of highly qualified and technically proficient staff will process recertifications and interims using your policies, procedures, forms, and letters. We’ll enter all information directly into your software system, with no gaps to fill when funds are restored.

And while we’re working remotely, we’ll make your convenience our priority, meeting with you on-site for status meetings and any other conferences you might require. You’ll find you’ve cut back on costs without cutting back on quality.

To learn more about outsourcing your recertifications,
Give us a call at 1-800-783-3100 or email

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