Quality Control

Inspect what you expect! Without effective quality control tools and systems, staff can slip into bad habits that can easily result in non-compliance in critical program areas.

Is Quality Control an ‘event’ at your PHA? Or, are Key Program Indicators (KPIs) reviewed on a regular basis, as part of your ongoing program administration?

Identify QC Tools

NMA can help you identify which areas of program operation should be reviewed ongoing, and which only need to be reviewed once a year. Our expert consultants will help you to build a QC schedule, and provide you with some tools straight from our own QC toolbox. The goal is to establish an efficient and effective means to ensure compliance, and to address issues before they become major problems. 

QC Tool

Based on our findings, HAP errors can go as high as $29 per file, per month. How many files does your agency handle? Do the math — there's a potentially huge gap between what your PHA is currently paying, and what you should be paying.

We know every dollar counts. That's where NMA comes in. Our experts can help your agency identify error trends with hands-on file reviews using our industry-leading QC Tool the innovative tool for improving program performance and reducing errors.

You'll receive comprehensive, actionable reports to help you identify and correct errors before HUD finds them, reducing potentially costly audit findings and increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of your staff. In today's fiscal climate, there's nothing more valuable.

Our team of HCV experts will review files to identify agency strengths and weaknesses, and discuss your unique issues with management and supervisors. We will work directly with your QC staff, and, if you wish, will lead your Specialists in conducting their own file reviews using the new tool. This becomes an amazing means of training rent calculation and verification requirements while removing many objections staff have to reviewer feedback.

Address Errors Before they Happen with Effective Quality Control

Effective Quality Control:

  • Increases consistency, reducing errors
  • Supports fact-driven employee evaluations
  • Assists PHAs in identifying internal and external training requirements

To learn more about outsourcing your quality control program, call 800.783.3100 or email sales@nanmckay.com.
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