The Housing Conference: Post-Conference Seminars

The Housing Conference may wrap up on Tuesday, August 22nd, but the learning doesn't need to end there! To help you squeeze the most out of your training dollars, Nan McKay and Associates will be offering two seminars right after our fifth annual national housing conference this August in Boston. Extend your learning to a full week and enjoy 10% off when you register for both The Housing Conference and a post-conference seminar!

HCV Program Management

August 23-25, 2017 in Boston, MA
This class is geared toward HCV program managers and will focus on the process of running an HCV program, rather than on the ins and outs of regulatory compliance. For example, when discussing voucher issuance, this class takes an in-depth look at managing utilization and understanding when you issue vouchers and how to spend your dollars wisely. This seminar will teach program managers how to develop procedures, documents and tools to track important program metrics like utilization, lease up, and other program operations and how to manage day-to-day tracking to better utilize HUD systems. The seminar will also give managers the tools they need to manage staff work process and document and track program functions to be able to communicate with upper management. Updated for HOTMA!

Note: This class is a mid-level class. Ideally, front line staff who report to the person taking this class would take HCV Specialist. Upper management who this person reports to would take HCV Executive Management, and the HCV program manager would take this class.

RAD Project-Based Voucher (PBV) Specialist

August 23-25, 2017 in Boston, MA
The RAD Project-Based Voucher Specialist seminar is designed specifically for agencies transitioning their public housing units to the project-based voucher (PBV) program under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program. This course is designed as an introduction for public housing or HCV staff transitioning to the PBV program as well as for anyone unfamiliar with RAD PBV. The course begins with an overview of the basics of both RAD and PBV. The differences between tenant-based vouchers and project-based vouchers as well as the difference between PBV and RAD PBV are also explored. Staff will leave with an understanding of how to set rents, PBV contracts, how to determine eligibility and operate the waiting list, the basics of inspections, how units are leased, how to organize files and occupancy issues such as annual recertification, income increases, and terminations. Updated for HOTMA!

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