Green Physical Needs Assessments

In recent years, HUD has put an increased focus on energy conservation and green asset management. And once the final rule is issued, the Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA) will be mandatory for all housing authorities. Now is a great time to get started with this very important process, before the new rule comes out and the clock starts ticking.  Contact us today to start a discussion about how we can help your agency.

Major things to know

The GPNA will be mandatory for all public housing agencies
It includes new energy audit requirements
Reports will be submitted through the new HUD GPNA tool within 12 months of rule launch
The proposed rule would require agencies to project the current modernization and life-cycle replacement repair needs of their projects over a 20-year period
All PHAs are required to perform a PNA once every five years, update it annually, and submit it to HUD using the GPNA tool

Benefits of the GPNA

It encourages project-based strategic planning for PHAs
PHAs are better positioned to take advantage of capital improvement opportunities as markets change and new programs emerge
Agencies are better able to assess the impact of implementing energy conservation measures and to independently evaluate potential for energy performance contracting
PHAs have an organized and comprehensive reference resource that can be used for modeling

Conducting the PNA

When conducting your physical needs assessment, NMA will perform a general needs survey of a statistically valid sampling of your properties, which will include:

Assessing the condition of the property, including immediate critical and noncritical repair needs, expected repairs, replacement and major needs over a 20-year time period, and the total estimated cost in current dollars to complete these items

Evaluating existing and prior physical needs assessments, energy audits, capital fund performance and evaluation reports, work order history, and historical data on prior capital improvements as part of the assessment of current and future capital improvement needs

  • Inspecting units that are susceptible to architectural stress, such as:
    • Ground floor units
    • Units underneath a roof 
    • Units adjacent to elevator cores 
    • Units on the side of the building that receives increased weathering 
  • Surveying 100% of the building envelope, including common areas

Your Report

After the PNA, NMA will carefully evaluate all data collected and provide you with a narrative report that:

  • Identifies actions necessary to turn vacant units into occupied units
  • Identifies necessary work to ensure long-term viability and to comply with federal, state, and local requirements and codes—priority will be based on Emergency conditions 
    • Statutory or legally mandated requirements 
    • Section 504 needs assessment requirements 
    • Lead-based paint testing and abatement requirements 
  • Identifies replacement needs 
  • Identifies work necessary to meet Section 504 
  • Analyzes long-term viability and reasonable cost for each property assessed

Submitting Your Report

NMA is happy to take care of the reporting for you via the new GPNA tool, or we can simply provide you the information for you to submit yourself.  

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