PH Operational Assessments

Public housing is a rental real estate business, and each development should be assessed and monitored. Further, there are agency-wide requirements that impact the operation of your developments and the portfolio.

Does your portfolio maintain a 98% occupancy rate or above? Is your rent collection rate at least 98%? Are you at risk for liability, whether in fair housing or physical infrastructure? What’s the best way for your PHA to maximize resources and reduce expenses, while ensuring that HUD requirements are being met?

Thoroughly Reviewing Your Public Housing Program

Well-performing developments, with residents who stay and pay,  are at the heart of your public housing program. Supervision at the development is complex, including property management, addressing fair housing issues, overseeing reexaminations, and lease enforcement. If any one of these critical functions is trending downwards, the result is low morale, decreased performance, and overall distraction from the core mission that drives your agency.

NMA can help you identify problem solutions, maximize occupancy, decrease error rates and achieve greater efficiency. You’ll see a clear path to a more effective and efficient PHA.

Conducting an Operational Assessment

NMA will conduct an in-depth review of your public housing program, reviewing:

  • Occupancy rate and unit turnaround time (make-ready and lease-up)
  • Management of the waiting list and unit offers
  • Property management and oversight of the maintenance function
  • Handling requests for reasonable accommodation, VAWA implementation, and LEP
  • Lease enforcement, terminations, and hearings
  • Regulatory enforcement, including community service
  • Documentation, including key reports and forms

Our team of public housing experts will review policies and practices, functions and forms, interview staff, job shadow, question for understanding of requirements, and question management, supervisors, and staff for perception of obstacles to success.

The operational assessment can include not only a complete update of your ACOP, but NMA can also update your lease to conform to your ACOP for review by your legal counsel.

Once we’re done, you’ll know exactly what steps to take to make your agency work more efficiently. Call NMA today and find out how.

Your Public Housing Operational Report

NMA will provide your agency with an in-depth and comprehensive report, including detailed findings:

  • Recommendations for improving occupancy
  • Recommendations for improving rent collection
  • Assessment of fair housing, LEP, VAWA, community service functions
  • Identification of most common errors in annual and interim reexaminations
  • Assessment of hearings for due process, preponderance of the evidence, and quality of the hearing decisions
  • Opportunities for improvement

Let NMA help your agency run more efficiently. Contact us today to learn how.
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