Operational Support

Your agency requires qualified staff. NMA can help.

We provide a comprehensive range of consulting services, including temporary and long-term operational support, to housing authorities across the country. 

A few of our satisfied clients include San Diego Housing Commission, Miami-Dade County Housing Authority, Chicago Housing Authority, Lake County Housing Authority, Housing Authority of Cook County, Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority, Marin Housing Authority, Indianapolis Housing Authority and Norwalk, CT Housing Authority.

With hands-on PHA experience, technical proficiency and outstanding customer service, our trained and certified team members will fulfill all departmental needs, including:
  • Case management
  • Intake
  • Verification
  • Briefings
  • Recertification
  • Rent calculation
  • Quality control

We also provide executive support all the way to the top, including interim EDs, S8 directors and financial officers.

Thoroughly trained to deliver work to the highest quality standards, NMA’s in-house subject matter experts stay current on federal HUD regulations and ensure our operational methods, professional services, performance tools and training materials are relevant to the changing demands in the industry. We balance regulatory know-how with operational best practices, based on real experience, to guarantee that our clients receive the skills and knowledge necessary for high performance.

We don't just study, train, and consult on organizational effectiveness — we have incorporated industry-leading quality management techniques into our own organization. Our staff, from the front line to executive level, are renowned throughout the industry for technical expertise and exceptional professionalism. To stay updated on the latest NMA news and recommendations regarding operational support, follow our blog

NMA can provide operational support for your agency.
Contact us today! 1-800-783-3100 or email sales@nanmckay.com.

Thank you for a great job. Although we thought we knew what areas we needed to work on, the NMA consultant identified additional areas where we could really make a difference in the amount of time we spend on processes that are labor intensive.
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