NMA Inspections (HQS and UPCS)

How can NMAI help your housing agency with inspections?

Nan McKay & Associates Inspections (NMAI) was developed to meet the increasing demand for high-quality inspection outsourcing in the affordable housing industry, providing agencies with inspections at an affordable cost by a proven and trustworthy partner. NMAI’s expertise includes more than twenty years of experience providing inspection services and millions of HQS, UPCS, and rehabilitation inspections completed.

Inspections are a smart place to start saving money. Outsourcing your inspections needs can reduce costs by up to 50 percent while increasing customer satisfaction:

  • An NMAI inspector can complete 15–20 inspections per day, double that of the average staff inspector
  • NMAI can provide inspections services using any model that works for your agency
  • We provide ongoing training to ensure our inspectors are well versed in HUD regulations and NMAI expectations
  • NMAI offers an automated inspection pre-call service that can reduce no-show rates by as much as 50 percent
We can work with any inspection model that works for your agency, including conducting initial, annual, follow-up, and special inspections for the HCV program. And our NMAI team is also experienced with most housing software, so you won't have any additional costs in setting up new systems or training inspectors. We're here to make your life easier!

Our services include:

  • HQS & UPCS inspections
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Inspection correspondence management
  • Inspection result data entry
  • RFTA processing
  • Rent reasonableness comparisons
  • Quality control inspections
  • Pre-REAC inspections

Are you interested in learning more about outsourcing your HQS or UPCS inspections? Have an existing inspections program that would benefit from increased efficiencies and reduced costs?

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What is UPCS-V?

HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) launched a new Oversight and Evaluation Division (OED) in 2015, which is currently revising HUD’s methods for overseeing inspections in the housing choice voucher (HCV) program.

REAC plans to replace the current housing quality standards (HQS) with a new inspection protocol called UPCS-V (with the V signifying “voucher”).

As UPCS-V is still in the planning stages, we are monitoring its development carefully and will immediately implement any new requirements as soon as they are announced.

Where can you find NMA Inspections?

You’ll find us providing our comprehensive inspections services to agencies across the country, from California to New York and everywhere in between. The NMAI team conducts over 270,000 inspections annually for more than forty PHAs and municipalities, including initial, annual, follow-up, and special inspections for the HCV program.  

All of our inspectors are highly qualified and certified in HQS, UPCS, or both, with an average of 12 years’ experience conducting inspections. All NMAI inspectors have completed required sensitivity and sexual harassment training and are subject to an extensive criminal background check prior to commencing work.

Our inspections team is looking forward to helping establish an outsourcing program for your HQS inspections, or working with your existing inspections program to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

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A solution for budget cuts 

NMAI is a great solution for many PHAs who find themselves struggling with the aftermath of deep budget cuts. You want to keep your agency running, find cost savings, and still be in compliance. We can help!

There's no denying that there's strength in numbers, and our experience speaks to that. It's why over thirty PHAs and municipalities across the nation have chosen NMAI as their inspections partner.

We're flexible in the way we conduct business, and are happy to work with you on customizing a program solution that works for your agency.

"Everyone deserves access to decent, safe, sanitary housing." John McKay, CEO
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