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Since 1980, NMA has been the leader in providing training and consulting to a wide range of agencies and individuals throughout the affordable housing industry, including:

  • Over 3,000 housing authorities nationwide
  • Many of the largest housing authorities in the country
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • State housing finance agencies (HFAs)
  • Cities across the United States

With over 200 full-time and contract employees in our San Diego, Chicago, Miami, Georgetown (KY), and Tallahassee offices, we are committed to performance excellence and recognized as one of the most effective, strategic, and regulatory compliance-focused companies serving the affordable housing industry. Along with our online training partner, HTVN, we are the only affordable training and certification company accredited by the prestigious International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Affordable housing file reviews and audits, including preparing for management and occupancy reviews (MORs)

Are you ready for an MOR? HUD has restored the authority for PBCAs to conduct management and occupancy reviews (MORs)! Reviews will start soon, and your PBRA development needs to get ready—NMA can help. With extensive experience in the full spectrum of affordable housing audits, including LIHTC, HOME, PBRA, PH, PBV, and HCV file reviews, we have decades of expertise helping affordable housing providers proactively identify concerns and meet federal requirements. Contact us now to schedule an MOR readiness review!

Converting public housing data to PBRA

When a housing authority converts from public housing to PBRA, a very important step is the conversion of files for each family from software designed for PHAs into software designed for the multifamily program. We understand the complexities of RAD requirements and will ensure that your valuable data is correctly transitioned into its new computer system without errors or loss of important information.

Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) policies

You need solid EIV policies and procedures, including EIV security policies if you have PBRA; we can develop them for you. Avoid heavy financial penalties with compliant EIV policies!

Tenant selection plans (TSPs) for HUD projects

Our team of experts can assist affordable housing providers by performing a detailed analysis of a development’s tenant selection plan (TSP) to ensure full compliance with the requirements in the HUD Handbook 4350.3 and avoid an MOR finding. If your housing authority is converting from public housing to project-based rental assistance (PBRA), we can assist you in transforming your policies from an ACOP to a TSP and include RAD-specific requirements. If your property also includes tax credits, our team of policy experts can include federal and state requirements for the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program.

Training and certification

Long recognized as the industry leader in affordable housing training and certification, NMA continues to pursue and develop new training offerings, including custom training-consulting hybrids that not only train staff on the regulations, but also develop the real, hands-on skills that staff need to achieve performance excellence while on the job. We currently offer more than 40 training courses spanning the breadth of affordable housing programs, including a number of courses applicable to the multifamily program:

Blended Occupancy Management. This 3-day, fast-paced training provides practical tools to navigate the complex regulatory environment of mixed financing and blended occupancy properties.

Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodation. Participants gain practical knowledge through hands-on case study activities developed from current, real-life fair housing legal actions, recent HUD voluntary compliance agreements (VCAs), HUD regulations and notices, and fair housing audits.

Fundamentals of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Management. This 3-day class provides a comprehensive overview of the LIHTC program, including compliance time periods, the basics of applying for tax credits, how credits are calculated, compliance monitoring and recapture, acq/rehab and first-year issues, tenant eligibility, income calculation, rent setting, and ongoing eligibility requirements such as the Next Available Unit Rule, transfers, and inspections.

Mold and Indoor Air Quality. This 1-day workshop provides detailed instruction on how to identify, prevent, and remediate indoor air quality hazards like radon, asbestos, mold, and lead-based paint.

Multifamily Housing Specialist (MHS). This seminar is a comprehensive, in-depth course covering the HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1. In this fast-paced, 3-day course, staff will leave with a thorough understanding of managing the waiting list, requirements for tenant selection plans (TSPs), factors of eligibility, occupancy requirements, calculating rent, performing annual recertifications, the EIV system, and enforcing the lease and terminations. A certification exam is offered.

RAD Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA) Overview. This class is designed specifically for agencies transitioning their public housing units to the project-based rental assistance program (PBRA) under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. Differences between public housing and project-based rental assistance as well PBRA and RAD PBRA are explored in depth, including income calculation and verification, form HUD-50059, leases, grievance procedures, terminations, and multifamily computer systems.

Structural Accessibility/504 UFAS. This 1-day training focuses on the accessibility standards for all housing programs using any federal dollars, including the differences between fair housing standards for accessibility (used when no federal dollars are involved) and the various other accessibility standards for public buildings.

Uniform Physical Conditions Standards (UPCS). In this 2-day class, participants learn about sites, building exterior, systems, common areas, units, and health and safety. This seminar covers the inspection timeline, the “code of conduct” all REAC inspectors are required to follow, and the technical review/appeal process.

NMA can assist with file reviews and audits, MOR readiness reviews, TSPs for HUD projects, and more. Contact us today! 1-800-783-3100 or email

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