Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority

Since August 2012, NMA has been working closely with Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA) to administer its Housing Choice Voucher program.  The NMA team conducted a comprehensive assessment of the program and staff to identify and implement operational efficiencies.

NMA’s approach included job-shadowing, staff interviews, and policy and procedure manual reviews. Additionally, NMA implemented a software tracking tool to evaluate staff performance on annual reexaminations, terminations, hearings, lease up process, interims, abatements, re-payment agreements, and utilization.

Based on the findings, a detailed analysis containing recommendations for enhancements was developed.

Suggestions included the following: 

  • Workload distribution changes
  • Technology enhancements
  • Streamlined policies designed for administrative efficiency
  • Updating performance standards and metrics
  • Training opportunities aligned with performance evaluations

With that, the NMA team has been leading efforts to implement new strategies designed to improve overall operations. 

In addition to overseeing these critical policy and procedural changes, NMA is assisting LMHA with several other initiatives including the transition of new HCV departmental leadership, introduction of innovations (including process enhancements) and several technology software programs, and aiding in the planning for a transition to a paperless office.

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