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With more than 35 years of experience serving housing authorities across the nation, Nan McKay & Associates (NMA) is widely known as the gold standard for performance excellence in the public housing and affordable housing industry. Founded in 1980, the San Diego-based, woman owned company is the industry leader in providing professional services to public housing agencies, with offices in Chicago, Miami, and South Carolina.

NMA expertise includes program and operational assessment, compliance reviews, quality control, technical assistance, program management, financial management, MTW consulting, administrative plan and ACOP development, fair housing and 504 consulting, regulatory training, and staff coaching and mentoring. NMA has provided these services to agencies of all sizes, including many of the largest housing authorities in the country.

We also have extensive experience in both short- and long-term program administration, including embedding industry experts into short-term operational support positions as well as long-term program management. Through NMA Inspections, NMA conducts outsourced HQS inspections and administrative support related to inspections for dozens of agencies nationwide.

The NMA team has real-life professional experience in the field and understands the complexities of HUD regulations and operational best practices. We're committed to ensuring housing authorities have the resources they need to help the communities they serve.

NMA in the Industry

1/7/2018 National PHADA
1/22/2018 NHLA
1/27/2018 N.Cal/Nevada Ch.
3/14/2017 MO NAHRO
3/22/2018 CLPHA
4/9/2018 TX NAHRO 
4/10/2018 NYSPHADA
4/22/2018 DC NAHRO
4/30/2018 NCRC NAHRO
5/2/2018 JAHMA
5/4/2018 National PHADA
5/6/2018 PNRC
5/9/2018 NM NAHRO
5/14/2018 CO NAHRO
5/21/2018 PSWRC
5/22/2018 MN NAHRO
6/23/2018 SERC
6/24/2018 NERC NAHRO
6/25/2018 SW NAHRO
7/27/2018 NAHRO
8/20/2018 THA
8/24/2018 AAHRA
8/26/2018 CT NAHRO
9/23/2018  KY HA
10/18/2018 CLPHA
10/25/2018 National NAHRO 
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