A Very Large Northeast Housing Agency

A very large housing agency in the Northeast called on NMA to conduct an assessment of its leased housing department's operations.

The project consisted of three phases:

  • Analysis
  • File review
  • Assessment report development

During the analysis phase of the partnership, members of the NMA team conducted a detailed review of over 300 documents. In addition to the time spent reviewing documents, our experts spent two weeks at agency offices. During this time, they visited every HCV location, conducting over 70 interviews, job shadowing 26 staff members, attending voucher briefings, and observing walk-in centers. Through these steps, our team was able to assess the actual application of established policies and procedures across an operation that provides housing assistance to over 75,000 households.

While on-site, NMA worked with the agency to coordinate an off-site review of 1,900 HCV annual recertification files. Using NMA's Quality Control App, our team of Quality Control Specialists were able to identify error trends and develop a training plan that would assist the agency decrease the number of errors, improve customer service and improve its SEMAP score. 

Finally, using the significant amount of data analyzed throughout the engagement, the NMA team produced a comprehensive assessment of the agency's HCV program that will be used to prioritize next steps in the strategic planning process focused on overall agency improvements.

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