A Small Housing Agency in the South

A small public housing agency in the South approached Nan McKay and Associates (NMA) about providing operational support services after experiencing a large turnover of staff in a short period of time, which had caused a backlog in the work done by housing specialists in the housing choice voucher (HCV) program. Additionally, after the HCV program manager moved out of the area, the agency required short-term management support while filling the vacant position.

NMA was able to quickly deploy knowledgeable resources with hands-on experience in the housing choice voucher program to this agency, enabling them to catch up on backlogged work and focus their energies on recruiting and hiring new, permanent staff.

Major tasks completed by the housing specialists include:
  • Identification and correction of all data issues in their software system
  • Audit of waiting list, including updating family information and preferences

Major tasks completed by the program manager include:
  • HCV program assessment
  • Daily management and supervision of PHA and temporary staff
  • Submission of VMS reports
  • Evaluation of payment and subsidy standards and recommendation of changes to senior management
  • Review of utility schedule and recommendation of changes to senior management
  • Participation in interviewing and selection of new, permanent program manager
  • Implementation of streamlined processes for reexams
  • Assessment of and recommendations for improving quality control processes
  • Review of SEMAP documentation and issuance of recommendations to senior management
Nan McKay & Associates was able to support the housing authority through a difficult staffing transition and assist them with identifying a new program manager. In addition, the NMA team recommended changes to program policies and procedures that would increase staff efficiency and performance moving forward.

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