A Large Housing Agency in the Northwest

An innovative MTW agency in the Northwest recently called on NMA experts to assess their HCV department. Although the agency is accomplished in its own right, and often cited as one of the most innovative, capable programs in the country, they sought NMA's consulting services to ensure continued growth and success.

In an effort to enhance overall performance, specific agency goals included:

  • A comprehensive objective review of their entire HCV program
  • Analysis of department structure
  • A complete assessment of staff and supervisors
  • A formal review of program processes

NMA consultants made several recommendations after analyzing information gathered during preliminary meetings, onsite interviews with varying levels of management and associates, and the review of available documents. Recommendations included changes to the following:

  • Organizational structure
  • Staffing
  • Operations
  • General agency policies and procedures

NMA's recommendations led to the agency making some immediate program changes, and they continue to work on an implementation plan of the course of a long-term timeline. Thanks to this successful partnership, NMA has been selected to oversee two additional projects with the housing authority, including process mapping and policy work.

NMA can help your agency operate more efficiently. Contact us today to at 800.783.3100 or sales@nanmckay.com to learn more!

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