A Large Housing Agency in Southern California

A large MTW agency was in the process of restructuring around MTW initiatives, and didn’t want to hire permanent staff until they knew what positions would need to be filled. An RFP was issued requesting temporary staff for their rental assistance department; Nan McKay and Associates (NMA) was selected to provide these services.

NMA placed three highly qualified staff onsite to perform a variety of tasks, including:


  • Conducting intake interviews and intake group briefings
  • Conducting individual eligibility interviews
  • Ensuring that required supporting documentation is submitted
  • Verifying family income, assets, and employment following the agency's methods
  • Conducting credit and criminal history checks
  • Verifying immigrant status and third party verifications as needed
  • Ensuring case files are prepared according to the policies and procedures in place and on schedule with processing deadlines
  • Providing information to clients on rights and responsibilities based on agency and funding source policies and requirements
  • Calculating client rental assistance and rent portions and preparing NIAs if necessary
  • Preparing rental assistance exclusions in cases of client or contract terminations
  • Conducting recertification interviews utilizing historical data in client case files, applicable verifications, and other resources to verify continued eligibility and calculate income and assets
  • Analyzing data collected regarding changes in family size, composition, and/or income levels
  • Preparing change notices for clients and landlords; monitoring all assigned recertification cases to ensure processing deadlines are met and correct payments are made
  • Processing interim adjustments according to agency policy and procedure, based on notice of changes from clients; completing and notifying clients and preparing lease amendments as needed
  • Understanding and explaining payment standards, rent reasonableness, and the move process to program participants and property owners/managers
  • Conducting quality control reviews of tenant files

 After a very short orientation period, during which temporary staff were briefed on the administrative plan and relevant policies and procedures, NMA’s operational support staff were able to support the agency’s day-to-day activities, ensuring that the rental assistance department was able to stay current on their caseloads while in the midst of their restructure.

NMA can help your agency operate more efficiently. Contact us today at 800.783.3100 or sales@nanmckay.com to learn more!

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