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NMA Public Housing Management (PHM) Master Book

Public Housing management has become increasingly complex in today’s climate, where what was once envisioned as a temporary living environment for low-income people has become a way of life for many, rather than a stepping stone.

Public housing managers need to work within laws, regulations and documentation processes, while expanding their knowledge-base in order to perform their jobs well. They need management skills and strategies that will enable them to problem-solve and prioritize within developments, while facing funding issues over which they may have little control.

The NMA Public Housing Management (PHM) Master Book is a comprehensive management tool that helps identify best practices, successful PHA strategies, and general information for effective administration of a PHA and execution of public housing programs.

This Master Book includes:
  • The roles and responsibilities of the public housing manager in the project-based environment
  • Organization and administration of PHAs and public housing programs, including managing staff
  • Key documents and policies in public housing
  • HUD resources, communications, and references
  • Managing nondiscrimination compliance, including Fair Housing and Violence Against Women Act(VAWA) laws
  • The occupancy cycle - including eligibility, tenant selection, leasing, occupancy, and terminations
  • Income verification and rent calculations
  • Resident participation in councils, self-sufficiency programs, and community service
  • Overviews on financial management, property management, and PHAS

A dynamic and important program management tool, the NMA Public Housing Management (PHM) Master Book is best used by executive directors, public housing managers, and housing supervisors. Click here to view the table of contents

Do you have the most current version of this Master Book?

Below are the issue dates for the previous revisions of the PHM Master Book:

2018: For 2018, the Public Housing Management Master Book has been brought current with all recent HUD requirements and guidance, including the following:

  • Multiple revisions to account for changes brought about by Notice PIH 2017-08, Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 Guidance, including the addition of notification and certification requirements
  • Updates to Flat Rent requirements as per Notice PIH 2017-23, specifically as relevant to rent reasonableness and changes in FMR/SAFMRs
  • HUD regulations chapter removed and replaced with link to view regulations online

2017: For 2017, the Public Housing Management Master Book has been brought current with all recent regulatory updates, including:

  • Sweeping changes brought about by the Streamlining Administration Regulations Final Rule, issued March 8, 2016, including modifications regarding verification, utility reimbursements, annual and interim reexaminations, and proration of assistance for mixed families, among other areas of program administration
  • Implementation guidance on the streamlining rule as described in Notices PIH 2016-05 and PIH 2016-06
  • Modifications for the final rule implementing VAWA 2013, issued November 16, 2016
  • Modifications for the final rule Instituting Smoke-Free Housing in Public Housing, issued December 5, 2016
  • Other minor modifications and clarifications to bring the content current with HUD regulations and guidance

2016: For 2016, the Public Housing Management (PHM) Master Book has been brought current with all recent regulatory requirements and guidance, in addition to expanding on useful information for public housing managers. Changes include:

  • Information on the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program
  • Expansion on the required contents of the PHA plan
  • Deletion of references to temporary compliance assistance per the expiration of these policies
  • Updates accounting for the flat rent requirements set forth in the 2014 Appropriations Act
  • Revisions regarding Notice PIH 2015-12 on the Community Service and Self-Sufficiency Requirement (CSSR)
  • Other corrections and modifications for clarity and ease of reading

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