Model FSS Action Plan

On May 17, HUD published a final rule that makes significant changes to FSS program regulations, including the FSS Action Plan requirements. HUD is requiring that every agency with an FSS program submit an updated action plan by September 30, 2022.

Following the nationally acclaimed tradition of NMA's Model Administrative Plan and Model ACOP, the fully revised Model FSS Plan gives your agency a solid foundation for policy-making decisions in compliance with the requirements of the new final rule.

Available now! Our fully revised Model FSS Plan is available. The new final rule requires all agencies running FSS programs to entirely revise their existing plans by September 30, so buy now to make sure you meet the deadline for compliance. 

To help agencies navigate the newly revised action plan, we're also offering an option to attend one of two FSS Action Plan Workshop Sessions for $699 with the purchase of a new FSS Action Plan. These group workshops will be held on Zoom, and seats are limited, so purchase now.

These sessions are a unique opportunity to have our NMA subject matter expert Patti Zatarian-Menard walk you through your policy (these sessions are not FSS training). This is not one-on-one consulting, but a group policy updating session, and your only chance to get NMA consulting in time to meet the deadline. We are not offering individual agency FSS consulting in July, due to the number of agencies who need help updating their plans. We strongly encourage your FSS coordinator and a director with decision-making capabilities to attend.

FSS Action Plan Workshop Session dates:
July 18-20, 2022, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST (1/2 day Wednesday ends at 12 p.m. CST) Class Closed 
July 20-22, 2022, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST (1/2 day Wednesday begins at 1 p.m. CST) Class Closed

One Zoom login per agency. If multiple staff need to attend, please use the same computer.

Plus: Don't forget to purchase our revision service for the Model FSS Action Plan! We anticipate further revisions to FSS regulations, and subscribing ensures your policy changes when HUD issues new guidance.

Product only available in digital format. 

Email our sales team with questions.


Price: $700.00

Workshop attendees: We recommend using a computer with two monitors, so you can have Zoom open on one screen and your action plan open on the other.

NMA’s Model Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Action Plan

New! Revision service: Subscribing to our revision service ensures that your policy changes with HUD’s regulatory changes.

NMA's Model Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Action Plan provides the basis for writing your agency's FSS Action Plan. The NMA Model FSS Action Plan both recommends language for each topic where your PHA must develop policies and provides important points to consider — including best practice and safe harbor guidance — in the accompanying instruction guide. Working together, these documents help you choose the best policy to meet your agency's needs.

HUD requires PHAs running or wishing to run an FSS program to develop a program coordinating committee and an action plan to govern that FSS program. While the FSS Action Plan must be approved by the local field office, HUD supplies very little guidance on just how to build it effectively. The NMA Model FSS Action Plan gives you a guided, step-by-step way to help make certain that your FSS Action Plan meets both the FSS families' and your PHA's needs while at the same time staying compliant with HUD regulations.

Click here to view the title page and Table of Contents.

Click here to view a sample of the FSS Action Plan.

Click here to view a sample of the FSS Action Plan Guide.

For agencies with existing FSS programs (who already have an Action Plan in place): 

Q: Why do we need your Model FSS Action Plan when we've already developed one?

A: The NMA Model FSS Action Plan is designed to ensure that your agency is in full compliance with the regulations at 24 CFR 984. The comprehensive NMA Model Action Plan not only meets HUD’s requirements, it includes policy options that are based on industry best practice and safe harbor guidance from HUD.

Additionally, an incomplete action plan can put your next coordinator grant in jeopardy. Whether you are renewing your existing FSS coordinator grant or requesting additional FSS coordinator grant monies, a comprehensive, complete FSS Action Plan can help you maintain your program to receive grant funding. This FSS Action Plan provides a roadmap for new FSS coordinators, detailing how to effectively manage your FSS program. FSS programs with vague or incomplete action plans are less likely to help participating FSS families achieve their goals — making it less likely your PHA will achieve its goals.

For agencies who are considering implementing an FSS program

If your agency is considering implementing an FSS program, you must have an FSS Action Plan approved by your local HUD field office before you start your program — regardless of whether you apply for coordinator grant funding.

The NMA Model FSS Action Plan is designed to ensure that your agency is fully in compliance with the regulations at 24 CFR 984. HUD's guidance for developing an FSS Action Plan is vague at best. The comprehensive NMA Model Action Plan meets HUD's requirements, laying out model policies that are based on industry best practice and safe harbor guidance.

This plan, when used correctly, can not only help your agency secure approval to run an FSS program, it can help to ensure that your program is well-managed. In a well-managed program, families are more likely to meet their goals—meaning your PHA is more likely to meet its goals. 

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