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NMA's HCV Executive Management course is the only one available that incorporates the nation’s premier customer-focused federal change agent, the Baldrige Program. Baldrige developed the framework for performance excellence and manages the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program. We incorporated the Baldrige approach with the principles of practical housing choice voucher (HCV) program implementation to create a class that's ideal for commissioners, executive directors, HCV managers, and HCV supervisory staff. 

Executive management training is an important investment in your leaders. In an era of budget cuts, the people who execute organizational strategies at housing authorities are uniquely positioned to help their agency be successful. Unfortunately, training for this group of individuals is often overlooked because business executives are busy trying to balance numerous priorities. 

However, organizations simply cannot afford to put the training of their executives on the back burner. Well-trained executives enhance productivity, produce solid alignment between HCV functions, retain talented employees, and increase morale in the organization. The benefits of executive management training are measurable, and touch every aspect of the organization, including the bottom line.

This completely redesigned course examines the knowledge, skills, and abilities that leaders need to spark motivation, accomplish objectives, and demonstrate effective leadership. Participants gain a sense of confidence and a practical working knowledge that creates the alignment needed to achieve extraordinary results. This course will enable executive staff to become more productive by enforcing the skills needed to delegate tasks, make assertive decisions, and communicate clear expectations. Attendees will return to their agencies with spreadsheet tools that can be adapted immediately. 

Because NMA's expertise in the subsidized housing industry spans almost fifty years, our executive management sessions are tailored to the unique culture, vision, mission and goals of housing authorities. Bring commissioners, the executive director, the HCV manager,and HCV supervisors to learn together so that new principles can be incorporated into the entire agency’s operation of the HCV program. Don’t miss this opportunity for positive change!


When the HCV Executive Management course and test is completed with a passing score, the professional is authorized to use the NMA V.E.M. designation.


An important aspect of this class is the completion of an online DiSC profile. The DiSC profile identifies your workplace behavioral style, and will be used extensively in learning activities throughout the training. You will receive an email after your registration is completed with a link to and instructions for completing your profile prior to the start of training.


Upon completion of HCV Executive Management, you should have the skills needed to accomplish agency objectives, spark staff motivation, and demonstrate effective leadership.

Day One

  • Recognize the general structure of a PHA and the legal and regulatory framework in which it exists
  • Explain mission, vision, and culture, and the organizational chart, and how they relate to your everyday work and decisions
  • Design a strategy map for your HCV program

Day Two

  • Write and implement goals for the HCV department
  • Discuss the implementation of a leadership system with your director or the board
  • Select the most effective staffing model and caseload for your agency

Day Three

  • Implement the set-up and tracking of funding and fees
  • Design, manage and improve work systems and work processes to deliver customer value and achieve organizational success
  • Write policy and procedures

Day Four

  • Create and implement a quality control program
  • Tie performance measurement to performance standards
  • Develop a problem response strategy and an implementation plan

Day Five

  • Implement the benefits of a flexible leadership style
  • Match your leadership style to the developmental level of the employee
  • Improve employee performance by utilizing the right amount of direction and support provided to employees

“I learned more during those five days of HCV Executive Management training than anyone could ever hope to teach me.”  

“You really helped open my eyes to the person I am and the person I want to become.” 

“As a commissioner, I would like to say that the HCV Executive Management class exceeded my expectations.  The material covered in this class brought clarity, purpose, and focus to the management role of an HCV executive.  I highly recommend this class to all PHAs seeking to become more productive in management and administrative operations!” 

“I need to tell you the class was fantastic, I will use what I learned for years to come.”

"I wanted to thank you for the exceptional learning experience last December in Las Vegas. The knowledge I gained is used on a daily basis and has made me for more confident and effective in my position." 

“The seminar was excellent!”

“Thanks for all you do to help make us successful, you are the best!”

—Class participants

SEMINAR #101-025

AGENDA: View the agenda

METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, course book, and Q&A

LENGTH: Five days

AUDIENCE: Executive directors, Section 8/HCV directors, Section 8/HCV supervisors, and analysts


PREREQUISITES: Basic knowledge of housing programs and management principles

ADVANCED PREPARATION: Completion of DiSC profile

EXAM: Registration includes certification exam. Please select either an in-class or online certification exam when ordering.

CREDITS: CPE units = 45, CEU units w/ exam = 3.75

REGISTER: Fill out the PDF registration form and fax to 619.258.5791. Or select the seminar you'd like to attend from the list of locations and dates below to order online.

Webinar - HCV Executive Management - February 6-10, 2023 - 8 AM CST
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