Fundamentals of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Management


Fundamentals of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Management will provide an in-depth introduction to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program. Since instances of program noncompliance can lead to serious financial penalties, it's more important than ever to train your staff on the complexities of this program. This class is for both new and experienced on-site staff who manage LIHTC properties, PHA staff who might be well-versed in HUD programs, but are new to the LIHTC world, and anyone interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the basics of LIHTC project management. This class will provide an overview of the LIHTC program and discuss compliance time periods, the basics of applying for tax credits, how credits are calculated, compliance monitoring and recapture, acq/rehab and first-year issues, tenant eligibility, income calculation, rent setting, and ongoing eligibility requirements such as the Next Available Unit Rule, transfers, and inspections. This 3-day fast-paced class with a certification exam will include hands on learning activities, a case study, and reference materials to assist your staff in managing LIHTC projects. HCCP exams now available!


Upon completion of Fundamentals of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Management, you should be able to explain and apply the fundamentals of the LIHTC program, including basic program components, calculating tax credits, understanding recapture, income calculation, tenant eligibility, rent setting, ongoing eligibility requirements, and property inspection protocol.

Day One

  • Explain how the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program works on a broad level
  • Determine the value of tax credits for a particular project
  • Identify steps necessary to avoid recapture and explain compliance monitoring requirements
  • Identify and apply the correct income limits based on various factors including household size and project location

Day Two

  • Recognize requirements for calculating income using the HUD Handbook 4350.3(Rev-1) and other resources
  • Apply the gross limit and explain how Section 8, public housing, supportive services, and rural housing services programs effect this determination
  • Identify lease requirements and annual recertification requirements for the LIHTC program

Day Three

  • Recognize inspection requirements and frequency for LIHTC units
  • Complete an in-depth case study using important documents for the LIHTC program

SEMINAR # 101-076

AGENDA: View the agenda

Course Book, NMA pen, pencil, and bag

A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, class materials (workbook, course book or master book), brainstorming, and Q & A)

Three days

PHAs and on-site professionals working with the LIHTC program. This class discusses the fundamentals of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program including determining initial and ongoing tenant eligibility.

The NMA certification exam is available for $150. The HCCP exam is available for $175. Select either exam option during checkout.

CPE units = 21.  CEU units w/ exam = 1. No prerequisites or advanced preparation required for this course.

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