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Quality Control App

QCAPP Does Your Agency Have an Effective Quality Control System to Ensure Program Integrity?

The Quality Control App can take you one step closer.

In these days of reduced funding, it is very easy to let your quality control efforts get pushed to the side. But remember that correcting problems takes much more work than preventing errors — and that is the true goal of any effective quality control system!

That's why NMA created the Quality Control App. It's simple to use, completely integrated with our new Performance Portal, and provides management and supervisors with comprehensive, actionable reports. These reports provide your agency with the information you need to focus effectively on improving program performance and reduce errors.

With the Quality Control App, your agency will be able to continue reviewing files, tracking and trending error rates, and identifying areas of growth and improvement, now and into the future.

Now available for both the HCV and PH programs!

Reports tell you what you need to know
The QC App comes with a variety of reports designed to help you understand what errors are occurring, who is making the errors, and the dollar impact of these errors.

These reports include:

A family summary report for individual families that lists specific errors found, the reviewer's comments regarding those errors, and the name of the PHA staff person who performed the calculation.

A family detail report for individual families that displays the results of the PHA's calculation of assets, annual income, adjusted income/TTP, and rent calculation (including prorated rent when applicable), and then compares these amounts to the amounts calculated by the reviewer, displaying the difference in dollar amount for each calculation.

A summary report of files reviewed by housing specialist, showing number of files with errors, number of files with HAP calculation errors, and accuracy rate for the program, department, team, and individual housing specialist.

A summary report of all files reviewed displaying the number of files reviewed, the number of files with discrepancies, percentage of files correctly calculated, and the dollar impact of errors for all factors of rent calculation.

If you are interested in learning more about the QC App and how to establish or improve your Quality Control program, contact us below.