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Learning Paths and Action Plans

LP_ActionPlan Do You Have an Effective Way to Plan and Manage Staff Training and Development?
Learning Paths and Action Plans

Learning Paths consist of core seminars, supplements, and a variety of electives designed to ensure that staff have the knowledge needed to be successful in their job role. They can be purchased out-of-the-box or customized to fit your agency's specific needs.

Action Plans consist of a variety of goals and development activities that can be combined with pre- and post-assessments and learning paths to create a comprehensive individual development plan.

How do you effectively manage employee training?

Managing employee training can be both difficult and time-consuming. Identifying exactly what type of training employees really need adds another level of complexity. Targeting training to job roles and individual weaknesses is an essential step in ensuring that training is effective and relevant to your employees.

How do you grow and develop high performing employees?

Growing and developing new employees, as well as grooming the next generation of supervisors and managers, is essential for the long-term success of the housing authority. Retaining high-performing employees requires the agency to invest in training and professional growth opportunities — how do you ensure your dollars are being well spent?


NMA Performance Portal Learning Paths and Action Plans provide an effective means to both develop and manage employee training and individual development plans.

Learning paths are designed to aid your agency in developing and managing annual training plans for your staff. A series of seminars and their accompanying pre- and post-assessments can be assigned to your staff, in whatever combination you choose, to increase knowledge in their assigned job, cross-train into another job role, or even on-board a new employee.

Combining Learning Paths with an Action Plan allows your agency to manage larger goals for staff. Additionally, with defined paths for career and personal development, managers have an objective means of measuring progress for a defined period, such as annual reviews or probationary periods.

Action Plans can be developed as a stand-alone plan, or combined with pre- and post-assessments and learning paths to create a comprehensive individual development plan — setting a path for career and personal development.

Training to the regulations will give your staff the basic knowledge they need. Implementing comprehensive Learning Paths and Action Plans will take your training efforts to the next level; ensuring staff competency and the most effective use of your training dollar. Now is the time to take your staff to the next level. Let Learning Paths and Action Plans lead the way.

Out-of-the-box Learning Paths Include:

  • HCV Program Specialist
  • HCV Supervisor
  • Family Self-Sufficiency Case Manager
  • Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator
  • 504 Coordinator/Accessibility Specialist
  • PH Assistant Property Manager
  • PH Property Manager
  • HQS Inspector
  • UPCS Inspector

If you are interested in learning more about how you can use Learning Paths and Action Plans at your agency, contact us through the link below.