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ContentLibrary Looking for a Better Way to Receive and Manage Your Revision Services?
Introducing Online Revision Services!

You've relied on NMA revision services to keep your agency up-to-date on the latest changes from HUD. Now, there's a better way to receive your revisions — through NMA's online Performance Portal!

NMA revision services now have an online delivery option, offered through the Content Library. With the Content Library, you will always have the most current and up-to-date content right at your fingertips, in one location where all of your staff can access it. No more wondering which revision someone has on a shelf, everyone knows where to go for the most current, accurate version.

Your revisions will be available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Online revisions are browsable, searchable, and printable. You'll have access to the full master book and revision pages in a searchable PDF. In addition, each time a new revision is released, previous revisions are archived online.

How Do I Get Online Revisions?

To receive your revisions online, you'll need to convert to our online revision service subscription, only $175 per year, per revision, plus pay the annual agency access fee, which is based on agency size. Your agency pays only one access fee, regardless of the number of revision services you receive. Your access fee includes username and password set-up for the users you designate and ongoing technical support including username/password retrieval and revision access assistance.

And, as the NMA Performance Portal grows, you'll have the opportunity to grow with it — with the ability to access exactly the right tools and references, exactly when you need them!

If you would like more information on the Content Library, follow the link below to fill out a request.

What Revisions are Available in the Content Library?
The revision services currently offered in the Content Library include:

  • HCV Master Book
  • PH Master Book
  • Model Administrative Plan
  • Model Admissions & Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP)
  • HCV Executive Management Master Book
  • HCV Financial Management & Reporting Master Book
  • HCV Housing Quality Standards Master Book
  • Family Self-Sufficiency Master Book
  • Public Housing Assessment System Master Book
  • Public Housing Management Master Book
  • Project-Based Accounting for PHAs Master Book
  • PIH Alert & Housing Resource Newsletter
  • Housing Regulations - FREE to all Content Library customers
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