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Pre- and Post- Assessments

Pre-Post Are You Ready to Effectively Target Training and Identify Knowledge Growth?
Pre- and Post-Assessments from NMA

NMA has added pre- and post-assessments to most of our standard training seminars, when booked as an onsite. These assessments are based on defined learning objectives, providing you and your trainer with a clear picture of which competency areas need more attention during training.

How Does it Work?

Before the seminar, the student will take a pre-assessment online. The results of the pre-assessment enable your NMA trainer to target and emphasize learning objectives where competency is low or in need of improvement. In addition, the student is able to identify their areas of weakness and better target their studies. This helps to ensure that students leave training with not only a thorough understanding of all the topics covered, but also increased competency in areas of need identified by the pre-assessment.

At the end of the seminar, students will complete a post-assessment to evaluate and identify where knowledge was gained as a result of training. A few weeks after seminar completion, individual results of the pre- and post-assessments can be viewed online in the NMA Performance Portal by students and supervisors. These reports can also be used to identify and prioritize training for individual development plans — managed in the Learning Path and Action Plan applications of the Performance Portal.

What Kind of Reports Will I See?

Once the post-assessments have been completed and scored, two reports will be available to supervisors through the NMA Performance Portal. The first is the Pre and Post Comparison by Student report, which compares the total pre- and post-assessment scores for each student. This report allows you to identify any students who may benefit from follow-up training or mentoring.


The second is the Pre and Post Comparison by Subtest report, which compares the total pre- and post-assessment scores for the group, by subtest area. This report allows you identify any competency areas where staff would benefit from follow-up training or mentoring.


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