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Our partner provides the industry-leading web-based rent reasonable service that can deliver powerful results for your agency. In addition to their renowned rent reasonable software, they also offer a free listing service and portal integration for all housing authorities and landlords participating in the Section 8 market. With over two million rent reasonable certifications served, and landlords in every city using their portal, we're proud to recommend their service.

In a tough fiscal climate with imminent budget cuts, GoSection8 can be a valuable cost-saving resource for your agency. GoSection8 conducted an analysis of different sized agencies within a cross section of the United States. Agencies of a similar size were grouped and their monthly and annual savings since using GoSection8 were analyzed. Even a small savings can make a huge difference.

2014 New Features
  • Faster and more accurate Rent Reasonable software
  • New Go8's AVM (Automated Valuation Model) 
  • RentWatch v5 (coming soon) 
  • Housing software integration 
  • HelpMeHousing - Affordable Housing For Everyone
  • An easier mobile owner experience   

Discover the benefits of the GoSection8 system below.

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