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Seminar Calendar

Click on a seminar title below for more information on the class, including learning objectives, agenda, and upcoming sessions. Click here to view PDF version of the seminar calendar.

Blended Occupancy Management
Portland, OR May 27-29
  North Charleston, SC August 11-13
  Cincinnati, OH* September 23-24 
Developing & Managing Project-Based Vouchers
  Santa Barbara, CA* May 26-28
  Napa, CA* July 28-30
  Roanoke, VA*  August 4-6 
Effective Interviewing for Program Integrity
  St. Louis, MO September 2-3
New and Improved! Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodation
  Fort Worth, TX*   June 9-10 
  Hartford, CT*  June 9-10 
Family Self-Sufficiency
  Phoenix, AZ* July 13-15
  Atlanta, GA September 9-11
Fundamentals of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Management
  Reno, NV   June 24-26 
  St. Paul, MN July 7-9
  Chicago, IL* August 4-5
  Columbus, OH August 11-13
  Seattle, WA September 30-October 2
Updated! HCV and Public Housing Rent Calculation
  Lansing, MI*   June 2-4 
  Los Angeles, CA*  June 16-18 
  Las Vegas, NV*   July 22-24 
  Phoenix, AZ September 22-24
  Cincinnati, OH*  September 23-24 
  Hartford, CT*  November 18-19 
Updated! HCV Executive Management 
  Louisville, KY August 17-21 
  Portland, OR August 31-September 4
HCV Financial Accounting and Reporting
  Chicago, IL July 28-30
Tunica, MS September 29-October 1
HCV Financial Management
  Santa Fe, NM August 25-27 
Updated! HCV Housing Quality Standards (HQS)
Los Angeles, CA* June 2-4
  Indianapolis, IN* June 16-18
  Des Moines, IA   June 16-18 
  Cincinnati, OH* September 23-24 
HCV Program Management
  Las Vegas, NV July 28-30
  Little Rock, AR September 22-24
HCV Specialist
  San Diego, CA*  June 15-19 
  Indianapolis, IN* July 13-17
  New Orleans, LA July 27-31
  Kansas City, MO August 10-14
  Minneapolis, MN  August 3-7 
  Fayetteville, NC*  September 14-18 
Hearing Officer Workshop
  Lansing, MI*   July 21-22  
  Hartford, CT*  July 28-29 
  Houston, TX August 25-26
  Indianapolis, IN September 29-30
Procurement & Section 3
  Orlando, FL   July 7-9  
Project-Based Accounting for PHAs
  Atlanta, GA  June 16-19 
  Springfield, MA   September 15-18 
Project-Based Maintenance Management
  Fort Worth, TX*   July 14-15 
Project-Based Rental Assistance (PRBA) Overview  
  Chicago, IL*  August 6-7 
Updated! Public Housing Management
  Durham, NC*   June 1-5 
  Phoenix, AZ   June 8-12 
  Macon, GA* July 20-24
  Chicago, IL*  July 27-31  
  Hartford, CT* October 19-23 
Public Housing Rent Calculation
  Chicago, IL*  June 16-18 
Public Housing Specialist
  Richmond, VA  May 18-22 
  Minneapolis, MN  July 20-24 
  Biloxi, MS August 10-14 
  Hartford, CT*  September 14-18 
Self-Sufficiency Service Coordination
  Charlotte, NC  June 2-4 
SEMAP & Effective Interviewing for Program Integrity
  Meriden, CT*   July 21-23  
New and Improved! Supervision and Management
  Norfolk, VA  July 21-23
UPCS Fundamentals
  Ithaca, NY* July 28-29

Morning coffee and afternoon snacks are provided at standard NMA open enrollment seminars. Seminar dates and locations are subject to change without notice.

*Seminars marked with an asterisk are hosted or sponsored by local housing authorities or associations. Special pricing may apply.