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HCV Rent Calculation Certification

PURPOSE: The seminar which covers eligibility, rent calculation, and occupancy, also focuses on Final rule changes regarding social security number verification and EIV mandatory implementation.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of HCV Rent Calculation, you should be able to explain and apply HUD regulations and guidance to calculate the family share and housing assistance payment (HAP) for a family in the housing choice voucher (HCV) program.

Day One

  • Read and interpret form HUD-50058 and its accompanying instructions
  • Identify and calculate annual income
  • Recognize the qualifiers for the earned income disallowance (EID), identify the exclusion periods, and calculate the disallowance
  • Identify assets and calculate income from assets

Day Two

  • Calculate adjusted income by correctly deducting HUD-defined allowances and expenses from annual income
  • Recognize the requirements for verification of income, allowances, and expenses
  • Calculate the HAP and family share for an HCV family using the payment standard, utility allowance, and gross rent

Day Three

  • Apply rent calculation skills to solve hands-on case studies
    COURSE NO: 101-021
    MATERIALS: HCV Rent Calculation Workbook
    METHOD: Online seminar
    LENGTH: 14.8 hours

    Occupancy and reexam staff and supervisors.

    EXAM: The certification exam is included
    CREDITS: CEU units w/ exam = 1.4
    No prerequisites or advanced preparation required for this course
    REGISTER: Click here to register online 
    PRICE: HTVN Subscriber Fee: $475
    Non-subscribers: $595