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About Us

Nan McKay & Associates (NMA) has been a performance improvement leader in the assisted housing industry for more than 30 years. NMA is a full-service firm that offers consulting, training, tools and technology solutions to PHAs running public housing and Section 8/HCV programs throughout the nation. NMA staff not only understands the complexities of HUD regulations and operational best practices; we also have real life professional experience in the field and a commitment to ensuring housing authorities have available resources to reach their goals of providing housing assistance to the community they serve.

NMA expertise includes program and operational assessment, compliance reviews, quality control, technical assistance, program management, financial management, MTW consulting, Administrative Plan and Admissions & Continued Occupancy Plan development, Fair Housing and 504 consulting, regulatory training, staff coaching and mentoring. NMA has provided these services to all sizes of agencies, including many of the largest agencies in the nation.

Additionally, NMA has extensive experience in both short and long term program administration, including embedding industry experts into short-term operational support positions as well as long-term program management. Through NMA Inspections, NMA conducts outsourced HQS inspections and administrative support related to inspections for dozens of agencies nationwide.

NMA in the Industry

2013 Annual Conference
June 23-25
Ray Adair will be providing two days of financial updates for both public housing and HCV.
2013 PH & HCV program conference
June 18-19
Ray Adair will be speaking about HCV program issues and accounting.
2013 Legislative Conference
March 3-6
Dorian Jenkins will be speaking at the "Bringing a Corporate Culture to the Public Housing Agency" session.
2013 Mid-Year
Membership Meeting
January 25-27
Nan McKay moderated a Voucher Program Update panel discussion, and Cydney Jones co-presenting a PHA Best Practices Roundtable on “Thinking and Acting Like a Corporation in a Government Environment”.
2012 Mid-Year Membership Meeting
January 25-27
Cydney Jones of NMA moderated a panel on "Voucher Funding Update" and participated on a panel on "MTW or no MTW: How to Affect Cost Savings and Create Jobs."
2013 Commissioner's Conference
January 15
Jay Ortenzo led a presentation on HUD's new green PNA.
2012 Annual Convention and Exhibition
May 6-9
John McKay and Andrew Denicola of NMA led a session on "Doing More with Less: Innovative Performance Management with Dwindling Budgets."    
2012 Annual Spring Conference
May 20-22
Carrol Vaughan led a session on HUD's new Rental Assistance Demonstration program (RAD).
2012 Annual Membership Meeting
June 2012
Nan McKay moderated "Mastering the Housing Choice Voucher Program" and "Deja Vu — Cash Management Procedures for PHAs." 

John McKay and Dorian Jenkins led a session on "Performance Management in Reduced Budget Environment."