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Energy Audits

Does your agency have a current energy audit?

HUD requires all housing authorities to have their buildings and units completely audited at least every five years. And very soon, HUD will also require an updated energy audit as part of Physical Needs Assessment (PNA) process and planning.

NMA can do this for you!

Conducting the Energy Audit

Our DOE-certified experts will perform the following:

  • Visual inspection and recommendations of the HVAC system and accessible duct work
  • Visual inspection and recommendations of the hot water heating system, CO, draft, and spillage tests when applicable
  • Visual inspection of the insulation (when accessible)
  • Visual inspection of attic penetrations
  • Inspection and recommendation of the windows
  • Inspection and recommendations of the lighting system
  • Inspection of light cans, switches, electrical outlets, HVAC register boots, and all other penetrations for leakage
  • Thermal barrier and air sealing recommendations
  • Thermal imagery images and corresponding photos
  • Blower door testing (when required)

Your Report

With our recommendations, your agency will have a snapshot of the energy efficiency of your properties. We'll help you design a strategy to save money on materials and equipment. And the sooner you get started, the sooner you'll see a reduction in your energy usage.

*NMA energy audits are only for affordable housing projects. Our audits do not include any residential housing.

Is it time for your energy audit? We can help, contact us today!
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