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Samantha Pratter
Writing Supervisor and Trainer

Trainer and consultant Samantha Pratter has been a part of the NMA team since 2008. As NMA’s writing supervisor, Samantha oversees publications from concept and creation through the ongoing revision process, including NMA Master Books, model policies, course books, and handbooks. She recently co-designed the newest NMA class, Developing and Managing Project-Based Vouchers, and has recently written for the NMA blog about the basics of PBV
Cara Gillette
Senior Trainer and Consultant

NMA senior trainer and consultant Cara Gillette trains, consults, and provides technical assistance nationwide in fair housing, public housing, hearings, supervision and management, and governing boards. She trains PHAS and SEMAP at Rutgers University, facilitates board retreats, and is a senior curriculum developer and policy writer. Prior to joining NMA, Cara served at the San Diego Housing Commission, administering its public housing and Section 8 waiting lists, serving as hearing officer, managing public housing, and overseeing resident economic development programs. She has recently written for the NMA blog about blended occupancy projects and sequestration in the public housing program.
Gail Gillispie
Senior Trainer

Gail Gillispie brings to her position as NMA senior trainer extensive knowledge of federally subsidized housing programs and more than 15 years of experience in property management and development. Her knowledge and experience are complemented by a keen aptitude for analysis, an informed perspective on housing issues, a vivacious personality, and superb communication and presentation skills. 

Gail trains nationally in both the public housing and housing choice voucher programs. Prior to joining Nan McKay and Associates, she was program coordinator at Knoxville's Community Development Corporation. She managed the development, administration, operation, and execution of the housing choice voucher and moderate rehabilitation programs. She holds a B.S. degree in Organizational Management.
Terry Provance
Senior Trainer

Terry Provance has been a trainer and consultant at Nan McKay and Associates since 1999. He specializes in the public housing program and is responsible for writing and keeping staff updated on asset management materials. He recently took the lead role in creating and developing NMA’s new PH Occupancy Tracking Tool, which can be used by any rental development, whether or not it’s HUD-assisted, including mixed finance and LIHTC properties. Terry recently wrote a series of posts on the NMA blog about achieving maximum occupancy.
Annie Stevenson
Senior Trainer

With over 20 years of experience in welfare and public housing, Annie Stevenson shares her expertise in many ways at NMA, serving as a trainer to thousands of housing authority staff every year; as a technical researcher who analyzes and deciphers new HUD regulations; and as a technical writer, contributing to NMA Master Books, seminars, and model policies. She recently spearheaded a complete overhaul of the NMA Model Administrative Plan and the NMA Model ACOP for the 2013 revision.
Cydney K. Jones
Senior Trainer

As a senior trainer and consultant, Cydney has trained, worked and consulted at public housing authorities nationwide. She recently served as Director of Program Management for the NMA Chicago engagement where she managed NMA's contract portfolio. Ms. Jones is an expert in providing a broad range of technical assistance, management training, and on-site expertise for low income housing programs. With an exceptional knowledge of HUD regulations, she has extensive experience providing consulting services to real estate developers and owners of subsidized properties and tax credit grantees.

Ms. Jones previously served as the HCV Operations Manager for the Los Angeles County Housing Authority, where she oversaw the recertification process of over 21,000 Housing Choice Voucher participants. Her background includes 11 years as President and CEO of CKJ Consulting, a sole proprietorship. She also directed the District of Columbia Housing Authority’s voucher program, where she was responsible for policy development, external community relations, and directly managing a staff of 48 team members responsible for than 9,000 Section 8 subsidies. 

She holds a bachelor’s degree from Howard University and is pursuing her master’s degree in Public Administration.  

Betty Turner
Senior Associate Trainer

With over three decades of experience as a senior-level executive for public housing, Betty Turner has honed her creative team building skills as a manager through her many years as an executive director for several public housing agencies. She administered Hope VI Planning and Implementation grants, and she most recently wrote and received a Hope VI Demolition Grant. She established homework and tutorial and computer centers in public housing through partnerships with local educational institutions. Betty has been an executive director in a large and medium size PHA. Her last assignment was as executive director of the Clark County Housing Authority in Las Vegas. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration.
Patti Zatarian-Menard
Senior Associate Trainer

In her capacity with the San Diego Housing Commission, NMA senior associate trainer Patti Zatarain-Menard designed, developed, and implemented one of the nation’s largest and most successful family self-sufficiency programs. For the past two decades, she has worked with Nan McKay and Associates conducting training seminars nationally and undertaking consulting assignments on federally subsidized housing. You can read her five tips for maintaining a successful FSS program on the NMA blog. 
Rhonda Brown 
Senior Associate Trainer

NMA senior trainer Rhonda Brown, an attorney, has served as a hearing officer for nearly a decade. In addition to handling both HCV and public housing hearings for PHAs in western Washington State, she is also a full-time administrative review judge for a state agency, where she has been hearing appeals and writing decisions for over 20 years.

Ms. Brown, who currently teaches the NMA Hearing Officer Workshop, was also part of the team that developed the workshop. She recently shared her advice for how to be an effective hearing officer on the NMA blog.

Sammie Szabo
Associate Trainer
Sammie Szabo joined NMA in January 2009 after retiring from a 36-year career in the public housing industry. She served as the executive director of a medium sized PHA administering public housing, capital funds, FSS, resident initiatives as well as a certificate and housing voucher programs. Sammie also served as the housing authority's elected PHAS hearing representative for the HUD LA Field Office, as well as the board of directors of several affordable housing organizations. 
Julie Hartle
Associate Trainer

Julie Hartle has been a trainer and consultant at NMA since 2008. With in-depth knowledge of HUD regulations, particularly related to the HCV and public housing programs, Julie has trained hundreds of housing authority staff, including onsite at nearly 75 agencies. Prior to joining NMA, Julie worked as an international bilingual trainer (English/Chinese) for several technology companies. She is experienced in curriculum development and documentation, including online technology guides.
Ellis Henry
Associate Trainer
Mr. Ellis Henry has over 26 years of progressive experience in management and organizational leadership in public housing, construction, and engineering, with thorough knowledge of executive level practices, HUD, and the federal acquisition regulations. Mr. Henry is a professional trainer in the following subjects: housing management, HCV management, capital fund program, mixed-finance procurement, mixed-finance development, public housing executive management, and asset management/operating subsidy.
Gene Cappocia
Senior Associate Trainer
Gene Capoccia has been a national trainer and consultant for NMA since 1996. Mr. Capoccia has thirty-five years of experience as a housing professional, 29 years of which he served as an executive director. Currently, Mr. Capoccia is the Executive Director of the Leominster Housing Authority, where he as instituted a number of innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives, including regionalization of several housing agencies under the umbrella of the larger authority and the formation of a nonprofit housing corporation as the means to develop new affordable housing in the community. For NMA, Mr. Capoccia provides training for housing quality standards and procurement. His experience also includes the development of close to 1,000 units of affordable housing, overseeing millions of dollars in public housing modernization, turning around a large financially troubled PHA, establishing a new public housing agency, and serving as a real estate acquisitions specialist for a private sector real estate development company. Mr. Capoccia is a certified PHM, and holds a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Urban Studies.
Dave Crawford
Associate Trainer
David Crawford has performed commercial and residential inspections for over 15 years and has been involved in REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) and UPCS (uniform physical condition standards) programs since their inception. He has personally performed over 1,000 inspections as a certified HUD-REAC inspector and performs annual quality control inspections for national contractors. As a certified HUD-REAC instructor, Mr. Crawford has a successful graduation rate of over 99 percent. He also serves as a full-time firefighter/paramedic and jumps at any and all opportunities to instruct and train with a passion for excellence and a heart for education. Mr. Crawford has been an active Associate Trainer with NMA for over five years.
Brad Shouldice
Associate Trainer
Brad Shouldice is a contract trainer and consultant for Nan McKay and Associates, with over 30 years of experience in both the public and private building inspection industry. In the private sector, he was the owner of a small construction company and later worked as a construction manager overseeing the construction of multi-unit housing developments throughout Michigan. He then spent 24 years with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority serving as a Construction Manager and then Area Manager for the housing choice voucher program. In his tenure, Mr. Shouldice has been nationally recognized for his expertise in housing quality standards and lead-based paint safe work practices.

While a contract trainer for NMA, Mr. Shouldice is the principal of his own building inspection company in Lansing, Michigan. Coming from a housing consulting program, Mr. Shouldice is well-versed in HUD regulations as well as technical staff development. He received a Masters degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University and has been a trainer for NMA for six years.
Frank Tulp
Associate Trainer
Frank Tulp has worked in the housing industry for over six years and has conducted over 1,800 HQS inspections in various counties. In addition, he is a licensed REAC inspector and also holds a valid appraiser license. Frank provides rent reasonableness comparable data nationwide to various housing authorities as well as He trains HQS and UPCS inspection protocol as well as rent reasonableness for through NMA. Frank has a background working for general contractors and has completed numerous independent remodels.

Mr. Tulp has a B.A. in Speech Communications with a minor in General Business from the University of Arizona. In addition, he holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate in addition to a Flight Instructor rating.