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HCV Eligibility

PURPOSE: Maximize SEMAP points for selection from the waiting list and ensure that you and your staff understand the critical basics of housing choice voucher eligibility by enrolling in this 2-day training. Final rule changes regarding social security number verification and EIV mandatory implementation are incorporated in this training.
LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the HCV Eligibility Training, using HUD regulations and guidance, you should be able to:  

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic HCV program information through discussion and directed instruction
    • Identify the key roles and relationships in the HCV program
    • Read HUD notices, regulations, and other  resources with a focus on critical information
    • Be aware of PHA responsibilities and owner responsibilities throughout the program
  • Apply HUD requirements regarding fair housing to HCV program operations through discussion and narrative instruction
  • Recognize the factors of eligibility and how they affect families as they apply to the program through narrative instruction and discussion
    • Identify the different family types that HUD defines
    • Understand required HUD forms
    • Understand the process of verifying social security numbers or the absense of those numbers
    • Categorize the different potential citizenship statuses of individual applicants as well as resulting family types 
    • Discuss income limits and their role in the eligibility process
    • Review the student rule and discuss how it affects eligibility in the HCV program
  • Discuss wait list management as it applies to application, preferences, and removal through discussion and narrative instruction
    • Discuss the initial application process
    • Understand how to organize wait lists including special admissions and targeted funding
    • Discuss the process for removal from the wait list
    • Discuss the different preferences that the PHA can have for placement on the waiting list
  • Review the final eligibility determination stage through discussion, narrative instruction, and examination of the Screening and Eviction Rule
    • Discuss the full application stage of final eligibility determination including the interview and timelines
    • Identify reasons to deny admission both mandatory and discretionary, including a discussion of the Screening and Eviction Rule
    • Discuss the process leading up to conducting informal reviews
SEMINAR #: 101-020 
AGENDA:  View the agenda
MATERIALS:  HCV Eligibility Workbook, HCV HUD References Course Book, NMA pen, pencil, and bag
METHOD:  A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, class materials (workbook, course book or master book), brainstorming, and Q & A)
Basic program level. Prerequisites: None. Advanced Preparation: None
LENGTH:  Two days
AUDIENCE:  Eligibility specialists, waiting list supervisors and HCV staff
EXAM: The certification exam is available for $150. Select the exam during checkout or click here to view a list of certification exams available.
CREDITS: CPE units w/ exam = 12 CEU units w/ exam = 1.0
No prerequisites or advanced preparation required for this course
AVAILABLE IN SPANISH: This seminar is available in Spanish. Agencies who request this seminar in Spanish, receive a bilingual trainer and the PowerPoint presentation for the seminar in Spanish. Contact us for more information.

Este seminario esta disponible en español. Una agencia puede pedir este seminario en español y recibirá un entrenador bilingüe y la presentación de power point será en español. Comuníquese con nuestra oficina para más información.
REGISTER: Contact or call (800) 783-3100 to learn how you can bring this class to your agency.

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