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Public Housing Asset Management for Executives - Completely Updated!

PURPOSE: As public housing continues its transformation – and struggles to remain financially viable – public housing executives and directors must plan and lead strategically. Understanding how to oversee the management of the projects and how to assess the whole portfolio enables the director to make those strategic long-range decisions. This training can help you reevaluate your public housing assets, leverage resources, and explore your business opportunities. Learn about entrepreneurial strategies such as mixed finance development, RAD, and Choice Neighborhoods, as well as ways to leverage resources. We’ve added a new chapter on procurement and Section 3. The material for financial project-based accounting and budgeting, and private sector best practices has been completely updated. Strategically position your PHA for financial viability. This training is an intensive four days with a certification examination on the fifth day.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of Public Housing Asset Management for Executives, you should have the skills needed to manage a public housing portfolio and make strategic long-term decisions for a housing authority.

Day One
  • Identify the organizational culture within your agency, and assess current operations
  • Evaluate and select best practices for discretionary policies
  • Evaluate and apply private-sector marketing techniques in order to achieve maximum lease-up
  • Recognize HUD's requirements for the new model of project-based subsidy, budgeting, and accounting

Day Two

  • Discuss how to determine project income and expenses and develop an overall budgeting process
  • Recognize the importance of monitoring, and monitor actual-to-budget performance
  • Analyze the entrepreneurial strategies best suited to your PHA, such as establishing a nonprofit
  • Identify the steps in developing affordable housing and list the possible scenarios in a mixed-finance development
Day Three
  • Explain the basics of the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program
  • Identify necessary elements of short-term and long-term assessment of each project, including the physical needs assessment, pro-forma, market data, and asset value
  • Recognize and apply HUD's nondiscrimination requirements to avoid liability and minimize risk at your PHA
  • Example and apply management controls to maintain program integrity

Day Four

  • Ensure the fundamentals of procuring goods and services are met at the properties, including Section 3 requirements
  • Apply strategies to improve PHAS performance at each project and in the portfolio
  • Discuss the steps, processes and reports in establishing a quality control system
  • Identify and apply internal controls to manage program integrity

*This class is updated for the new flat rent requirements.

    SEMINAR #: 101-047
    AGENDA: View the agenda 
    MATERIALS: Public Housing Asset Management for Executives Course Book, PH executive management independent project, Campbell Leadership Descriptor, NMA pen, pencil, calculator, and bag
    METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, class materials (workbook, course book or master book), brainstorming, and Q & A.
    Intermediate program level. Prerequisites: Knowledge of public housing program and of basic management principles. Advanced preparation: None
    LENGTH: Five days
    AUDIENCE: PHAS coordinators, public housing directors, public housing managers, and public housing supervisors
    EXAM: The certification exam is available for $150. Select the exam during checkout or click here to view a list of certification exams available.
    CREDITS: CPE units w/ exam = 38 CEU units w/ exam = 3.2
    No prerequisites or advanced preparation required for this course
    REGISTER: There are currently no upcoming dates for this seminar. Please email to schedule.

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