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Project-Based Maintenance Management

PURPOSE: Are you managing maintenance or is maintenance managing you? This 2-day interactive training will help you take control of the maintenance monster. From the basics of setting standards and expectations and developing preventative maintenance systems to completing a HUD required maintenance plan, this is a must-have learning experience. Information you need to run a successful maintenance operation is covered in this training, including labor repair time standards, quality control, mold, lead-based paint, and automated systems.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the Project-Based Maintenance Management Training, you should be able to understand:
  • The Site/AMP manager’s new roles and responsibilities for maintenance at their site
  • Elements of maintenance and maintenance management
  • Outcomes of good maintenance management
  • Planning and focusing your work
  • Work standards, such as UPCS and industry standards
  • Funding and budgeting
  • Asset management/capital improvement fund
  • Customer service
  • How to communicate to and motivate maintenance staff
  • Personnel, including selection, testing, training, and directing
  • Personal safety on the job, including power tools, chemicals, climbing and lifting, and insurance/reporting
  • Tracking and documentation – automated/manual, including work orders, purchasing, inventory, and PHAS
  • Property management and maintenance management, including objectives, priorities, and the big picture
  • Maintenance plan development

SEMINAR #: 101-049
AGENDA: View the agenda 
MATERIALS: Project-Based Maintenance Management Course Book, NMA pen, pencil, and bag
METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, videos, group discussion, group exercises, seminar materials (course book), and Q & A.
Basic program level. Prerequisites: None. Advanced preparation: None
LENGTH: Two days
AUDIENCE: Asset/site managers and managers responsible for development maintenance
EXAM: The certification exam is available for $150. Select the exam during checkout or click here to view a list of certification exams available.
CREDITS: CPE units w/ exam = 13 CEU units w/ exam = 1.2
No prerequisites or advanced preparation required for this course
REGISTER: Fill out the PDF registration form and fax to 619.258.5791. Or select the seminar you'd like to attend from the list of locations and dates below.

Project-Based Maintenance Management - July 14-15 - Fort Worth, TX* More Information