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PHAS/Occupancy Clinic

PURPOSE: Your housing authority needs to understand the PHAS Interim Rule and how to achieve maximum lease-up. Knowing how to accurately apply PHAS indicators and other key performance measures to properties is the first requirement. Achieving an occupancy rate of 98% or above is the essential requirement now – not only for high PHAS performance, but for the financial health of your properties and housing authority. Occupancy rates and turnaround times need to be tracked and diagnosed. Factors contributing to occupancy problems can include (but aren’t limited to) poor curb appeal, lack of marketing, slow waiting list processing and/or unit offers, not setting and managing clear expectations and priorities for maintenance staff, and/or inadequate property management. You don’t want to waste valuable time “solving” something that isn’t the problem! This seminar’s occupancy clinic will provide hands-on experience, through learning activities and fact-based decision-making, to help you identify and diagnose the factors contributing to problems, and apply best-practice improvement strategies.

When you attend this training, you will receive an Excel tool to track occupancy and unit turnaround time by project, rolling data up to the portfolio, tracking YTD, and tracking year by year. You will also receive a site-based waiting list assessment and implementation checklist, a preventive maintenance schedule template, and a portfolio planning template.

This training now offers a certification examination so housing authorities can ensure that PHAS coordinators, managers, and staff are accurately tracking and reporting PHAS performance. This class is updated for the new flat rent requirements. 

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the PHAS/Occupancy Clinic, using HUD regulations and guidance, and best-practice private sector asset management strategies, you should be able to:
  • Recognize the fundamentals of property management, focusing on keeping units leased, marketing, managing a site-based waiting list, collecting rents, and supervising the administrative and maintenance function at the property
  • Identify PHAS criteria, assessment, and scoring
  • Understand how to apply and track PHAS subindicators to each project and the portfolio
  • Understand how to assess contributing factors to identify problem performance areas, using tools provided in the seminar and HUD management reviews
  • Recognize how to match diagnosed deficiencies with appropriate improvement strategies to achieve maximum occupancy
  • Understand how to compile reliable data and reports to track project and portfolio performance and analyze trends
  • Identify how to use PHAS and other performance data to strategically plan project and portfolio improvement

SEMINAR #: 101-007
AGENDA: View the agenda 
MATERIALS: Public Housing Performance Measures Workbook, Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) Master Book, NMA pen, pencil, calculator, and bag
METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, class materials (workbook, course book or master book), brainstorming, and Q & A.
Basic program level. Prerequisites: None. Advanced Preparation: None
LENGTH: Two days
AUDIENCE: PHAS coordinators, public housing directors, public housing managers, and public housing supervisors
EXAM: The certification exam is available for $150. Select the exam during checkout or click here to view a list of certification exams available.
CREDITS: CPE units = 15 CEU units = 1.3
No prerequisites or advanced preparation required for this course
REGISTER: Fill out the PDF registration form and fax to 619.258.5791. Or select the seminar you'd like to attend from the list of locations and dates below.

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