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Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) Workshop

PURPOSE: PHAs need up-to-date information in order to comply with HUD's EIV requirements. NMA's EIV training will bring your agency up to speed on the most recent HUD Webcasts and guidance. Your PHA may even log into the EIV system during the workshop in order to review reports and other data. The EIV training covers all current EIV notices, including Notice PIH 2012-10, issued February 14, 2012.

Your NMA EIV training will include the following:
  • EIV Background: Why are we here?
    • A review of HUD's error reduction strategies, and a discussion of upfront income verification (UIV) resources
  • Enterprise Income Verification: A detailed review of EIV system capabilities, including:
    • Tenant income data
    • Annual reexam processing
    • EIV management reports

SEMINAR #: 101-059
AGENDA: Contact for more information.
MATERIALS: EIV handouts, NMA bag, pencil, and pen
METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, class materials, brainstorming, and Q & A.
LENGTH: Contact for more information.
AUDIENCE: Occupancy specialists, HCV and PH managers, and HCV and PH supervisors
EXAM: No exam available for this seminar.

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