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Capital Fund Program

SEMINAR DESCRIPTION: Our Capital Fund Program seminar has been completely revamped to cover the new and important Capital Fund Final Rule. The final rule consolidates all previous regulations and requirements, and applies to all PHAs in 2014 with any ACC public housing units. 

The Capital Fund Program training is a comprehensive overview of all the elements of the capital fund final rule, and other essential related capital fund strategies relevant to public housing. Content areas include: 

  • Overview of the major changes in the CFP final rule
  • New submission requirements, recoupling the CFP process from the PHA Plan process
  • New (and existing) eligible and ineligible costs and activities, including the phase-down of allowable management improvements from 20 percent to 10 percent 
  • Obligation and expenditure deadlines and requirements
  • Procurement mandatory references and requirements, including Section 3 requirements
  • The capital fund formula applied to reconfiguration, the Replacement Housing Factor (RHF) and the Demolition and Disposition Transitional Funding (DDTF) formulas
  • New development requirements, streamlined for mixed-finance development
  • Physical needs assessment (PNA) requirements for large and small PHAs
  • How the Capital Fund indicator is scored under PHAs, including strategies to maximiza occupancy, and sample project reports
  • Capital Fund planning - principles and steps
  • Compliance, penalties and sanctions 

In the Capital Fund Program seminar, participants gain practical knowledge through thorough review and discussion of the capital fund final rule.  

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of Capital Fund Program seminar, you should be able to identify and apply this important new rule to the modernization and development of public housing and mixed-finance developments. 

Day One
  • Understand the capital fund final rule in context, with the major changes required by the rule
  • Identify new submission requirements, and eligible and ineligible costs and activities 
  • Recognize obligation and expenditure deadlines and requirements
  • Apply procurement requirements and principles to the capital fund program, including Section 3 requirements
Day Two
  • Describe the capital fund formula
  • Describe current PNA requirements for small and large PHAs, and review upcoming GPNA principles
  • Explain how the Capital Fund indicator is assessed and scored under PHAs, and strategies to maximize occupancy
  • Apply principles and steps in capital fund planning
  • Recognize compliance, penalties and sanctions under the final rule

SEMINAR #: 101-011
AGENDA: View the agenda 
MATERIALS: Capital Fund Program Course Book, Capital Fund Program Appendices Course Book, NMA pen, pencil, and bag
METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, seminar materials (course books), group exercise, and Q & A
Basic program level. Prerequisites: None. Advanced preparation: None
LENGTH: Two days
AUDIENCE: Public housing asset/site managers, modernization coordinators, senior inspectors, and maintenance supervisors, and AMP managers
EXAM: The certification exam is available for $150. Select the exam during checkout or click here to view a list of certification exams available.
CREDITS: CPE units w/ exam = 15 CEU units w/ exam = 1.2
No prerequisites or advanced preparation required for this course
REGISTER: Fill out the PDF registration form and fax to 619.258.5791. Or select the seminar you'd like to attend from the list of locations and dates below.

Capital Fund Program - July 7-8 - Columbia, SC More Information