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Advanced Inspection

SEMINAR DESCRIPTION: If you are going to be responsible for the bricks and mortar, this training will give you the basic understanding of how it all fits together. You will begin by learning the fundamentals of buildings from single family homes to multifamily buildings, in addition to green building technology and energy conservation. With these under your belt, you will then learn the building systems of a housing unit and problem signs that can help you detect possible failures early. The seminar ends with an exploration of how you and your department can increase agency performance through an understanding how inspections affect residents, staff, the community, and overall PHA success. Ensure the sustainability of your key asset; join us for our Advanced Inspection Seminar.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the Advanced Inspection Training, using current building sciences best practices and HUD guidance, you should understand:
  • How building construction affects the long-term viability of your portfolio, including:

    • Maintenance delivery
    • Modernization priorities
    • Inspection standards
  • The overview of building systems, which covers:
    • Site
    • Foundations: type, materials, and failures
    • Building envelope (roof, siding, windows): materials and failures
    • Electrical systems: materials and equipment
    • Plumbing systems: materials; equipment (municipal and private) supply; and drain, waste, vent (DWV)
    • Heating and ventilation: equipment and safety
  • How green building design relates to your choices in building systems

SEMINAR #: 101-039
AGENDA: View the agenda
MATERIALS: Advanced Inspector Training Course Book, NMA pen, pencil, and bag
METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, videos, group discussion, seminar materials (course book), and Q & A
LENGTH: Two days
AUDIENCE: Housing choice voucher and public housing program administrators, asset and site managers, inspectors, inspection supervisors, modernization and rehabilitation managers, and maintenance staff
EXAM: The certification exam is available for $150. Select the exam during checkout or click here to view a list of certification exams available.

CPE units w/ exam = 15 CEU units w/ exam = 1.3


Fill out the PDF registration form and fax to 619.258.5791. Or select the seminar you'd like to attend from the list of locations and dates below.

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