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News from Nan McKay and Associates

NMA was recently selected to provide the following consulting services to large housing authorities

Onsite consulting services to review and revise the agency's Administrative Plan and / or Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP).

Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection services for the HA's housing portfolio.

Onsite consulting services to conduct a statistically valid physical needs assessment of the agency's sites in accordance with HUD regulations.

NMA teams up with Signet Partners to help PHAs with their RAD applications

HUD's new Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program is an unprecedented opportunity for housing authorities to convert properties in their portfolios into Section 8 contracts. A primary provision of RAD is to provide PHAs with access to debt financing to address immediate and long-term capital needs through rehabilitation.


Due to the anticipated level of interest in this financing program, it's critical that applications be meticulously prepared. The NMA/Signet team has extensive experience with all aspects of this process, including lender underwriting, and is uniquely qualified to help agencies strategically convert their public housing portfolio. Read the full press release here, or go here to learn more about how NMA can assist your agency with RAD applications.

NMA manages 17,000 housing choice vouchers, posts exceptional performance metrics

We specialize in providing performance improvement solutions, including comprehensive program management services for the HCV program. With experience running some of the largest housing authorities in the nation, we have the resources to handle the entire range of Section 8 services, from intake through lease-up. 

NMA partners with Deloitte under HUD contract

We've partnered with Deloitte Consulting, LLP to assist them with their work under a contract with HUD to develop the next generation of Voucher Management Software. NMA has provided subject matter experts to assist Deloitte in the process of identifying the current state of HUD's VMS, as well as the "To Be" analysis for the determination of the next generation of the VMS.

GHURA Employees Get National Certification

Guam—Consistent with the Governor’s New Direction of excellence in public service, GHURA’s executive management has seen a remarkable turnaround since January 2011, when 84.2% of its housing employees did not meet national standards.

After three weeks of intensive classroom exercise, GHURA reports that 88.5% of these same employees have passed their training and are now certified at a national level, according to a release from GHURA.

The release states that the new GHURA Board of Commissioners and Executive Management are committed to improving the efficiency and quality of service of its entire workforce. And they have retained experts from the U.S mainland to elevate the skill-set of GHURA’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing Program Employees to an unprecedented level.

According to on-site trainers from Nan McKay and Associates, Inc., it is unprecedented for a Public Housing Authority to have such dramatic results.

"We are extremely proud of our staff. Forty three of ninety nine employees will participate in this round of training. We look forward to supporting them as they strive for excellence. We will continue to attempt to enrich their knowledge and skills, to ensure our workforce is prepared to meet the challenges of the future," said Marcel Camacho, Executive Director of GHURA.

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