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Blended Occupancy Management

Public Housing, Section 8, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, HOME. It used to be complicated enough to manage these programs individually, let alone combined in one property!

Properties with multiple financing and subsidy sources are more common than ever before. Housing professionals must be able to ensure compliance with multiple programs at one site. Eligibility, certifying income, determining rents, and managing the unit mix are critical components for combined funding properties. The ability to interpret and apply complex, and often conflicting, regulations is critical to ensuring long-term compliance.

This three-day, fast-paced training will provide you with practical tools that you need in order to navigate the complex regulatory environment of combined funding/mixed-finance properties. You can’t afford to miss this important workshop!

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Hearing Officer Workshop

This two-day seminar is essential for hearing officers, members of hearing panels, managers who represent the PHA in hearings, and policy analysts. The seminar is packed with information, covering all aspects of public housing and Housing Choice Voucher hearings. After getting grounded in the regulations, participants will then examine the PHA policies and grievance procedures that determine how regulations are implemented at the PHA. The seminar will walk participants through coordinating and conducting orderly and fact-based hearings. Commonly heard issues, working with advocacy groups, the 504 coordinator and reasonable accommodation issues will be addressed. This seminar comes with hands-on practice, where in small groups and individually, participants will read cases and make decisions, citing appropriate regulations and PHA policies. The seminar comes complete with an optional certification examination.

*Please note: Due to the fact that all seminars are subject to change, please plan ahead by purchasing refundable airfare. NMA is not responsible for financial loss due to class changes.